Polo Ralph Lauren

The iconic American brand Polo Ralph Lauren was founded in 1968, in a small showroom at the Empire State Building in New York; initially specialized in ties and elegant clothing, over the years the brand has adapted, increasing the number of collections proposed and above all their style, moving towards more casual clothing. In the 80s and 90s the brand unconsciously opened up to a new audience, the young people of the big American cities, who, in the years of the birth of streetwear, identified themselves with the values ​​of Ralph Lauren: it is here, that, thanks also to groups like Lo-Life and rappers like Raekwon and Fabolous, who always wore Polo, the brand has become a real icon of the streets. Even today Polo Ralph Lauren continues to conquer new fans also thanks to the various icons who wore it, from Kanye West to Chance the Rapper, and thanks to their iconic graphics, from the horse to the bear, one of the most famous and celebrated logos in the Hip-Hop community.
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