As one of today’s foremost encounter points, One Block Down is a futurebound concept allowing global communities to traverse an archive of untold subcultural stories and build commonality around what it considers to be foundational knowledge. It is such encounters that see new communities form; communities not defined by physical distance, but by their infinite connection to something far greater.

One Block Down is as much an educator and facilitator, as it is a renegade and storyteller, using its brand to carve out a new set of cultural principles while synthesizing the interests of its global following. Together with the production and distribution of industry-leading content, it continues to push its product offering and collaborative partners further in redefining contemporary stylistic discourse and exciting feelings of genuine belonging.

Following its foundation in 2009, One Block Down has permeated the globe with a steadfast documentation of the most authentic youth movements, using its evolving digital outlets to redefine a new era of cultural expression. After a decade-long service to the industry, One Block Down continues to bridge the divide between once-dissonant societies, all while constantly rethinking the concepts of retail and e-commerce, initiating lasting change.

With a deep appreciation for art and design lying at the core of its DNA, the long-standing theory of beauty at the root of its Italian heritage helps tie such contact points together with absolute refinement. By recontextualizing the nostalgic and charging it with new understanding, One Block Down is articulating a greater sense of the world; a world not defined by the continuum of time, but by its ability to speak to the very heart of the people that constitute it. Allowing those who first witnessed the birth of relevant subcultural movements to relive such moments, all while paving the way for the next generation of cultural students.

One Block Down has thus set itself on a wholly unique trajectory, averse to following trends, as it directs its focus to creating and understanding them. By harmonizing localized phenomena and global sensibilities, One Block Down is creating an inclusive platform with which the next generation may become a part of something far greater, far more nuanced, and far more progressive.

Infinitely connected, One Block Down is mobilizing a theory of subculture, building and rebuilding phenomena for future generations of cultural activists.

Forever indebted to the multiplicity of global culture, One Block Down has leveraged this appreciation to form a team of diverse minds, genders, and ideals. By strengthening its operation with the same ingenuity and equality it aims to highlight in all of its endeavours, One Block Down grows more authentic, more compelling, and more intuitive.

Calling on five key pillars to communicate and magnify the breadth of its sensibilities, One Block Down is not only driving the conversation of (sub)cultural relevance forward, but fortifying the very essence of the brands with which it works:

Cultural Fluency

The tireless study of (sub)culture forms an integral part of the One Block Down brand and philosophy. With its fluency in matters of contemporary style history and cultural movements, the multi-faceted concept carries such sensibilities into all brand discussions, partnerships, and special projects.

Offering full-suite communication plans and creative consultancy, it strives to redefine itself while simultaneously recontextualize the history of the products it interacts with, paying particular attention to what it considers milestones — the timeless designs that have shaped the zeitgeist.

Local Acceptance

Bolstered by deep, personable relationships with the many microcosms making up its brand universe, One Block Down is continually sharpening its ability to analyze the tendency of the many minds it addresses. As patrons for the cultures it pushes, One Block Down has carved out a niche with products it both believes in, and understands.

Grounded in the purest form of community, it brings a contemporary product offer back to eye-level with the individuals who witnessed such awakenings first hand. Its brand thus offers a guarantee of authenticity, enriching its co-branding endeavours with unmistakable relevancy.

Global Perception

In all projects it pursues, One Block Down strives to connect the many dots of subcultural narrative and summarize them through a distinctly modern lens. Rooted in accessibility, each new project pioneers the designs, new ideas, and cultural movements shaping the future of an entire industry, and beyond.

One Block Down is highlighting the many intricacies and cultures that constitute the very being of today’s most sought-after designs, and using this to craft a meaningful international address.


Serving first and foremost as the ambassador to its entire brand list, One Block Down commits itself to fusing the most essential stories of individual products to circles of new admirers and cultural figureheads. With this, it brings awareness and new life to the hallmarks that have made each product worthy of such sustained recognition.

All done with a fixed goal of influencing the future and going against the grain of convention, One Block Down is anticipating and crafting a new future, highlighting the brand values relevant then, now, and tomorrow.


Since its foundation, One Block Down has strived to develop new technological structures for the e-commerce market, evolving to offer new, open-source solutions together with its partners.

Thanks to its dynamism and reach, it has positioned itself at the forefront of the customer’s need, using this to lead industry opinion and re-focus on the social aspect of industry. In addition to its online store, One Block Down was one of social media’s earliest adopters — pre-dating the social media boom — populating such platforms when they were never intended for such companies.

It however predicted the future of the business. We are a young company that adapts itself to new markets and solutions and we are also risk takers in what we believe is the future of this industry.

One Block Down operates three physical retail spaces in Milan, Rome and Paris. With our stores situated at the center of each respective city, both spaces do not only operate as stores in the traditional sense, but serve as an encounter point for One Block Down’s staff to engage with its community. We see such encounters as invaluable opportunities to tune into the pulse of contemporary culture, using this to further refine and contextualize our product offer.

Piazza Armando Diaz 2, Milan

Via Margutta 119, Rome

96 Rue Beaubourg, Paris

We are constantly on the lookout for new talent and radical thinkers to join our ever-evolving concept. At One Block Down, we believe in magnifying the unique talents of all our employees, and pride ourselves on crafting a challenging workspace in which everyone can grow. With our office space situated in the heart of Milan, we are on a mission to push the envelope of e-commerce and cultural storytelling, together.

Our working environment is a boundless playing field that supports the full potential of our employees. Driven by a certain renegade mentality, the unique, off-kilter knowledge of our employees is our biggest source of pride. Coupled with a transparent and personable management model, we welcome unlimited collaboration and imagination. One Block Down is a company by the people, for the people

We offer generous site-wide discounts, competitive salaries and a comprehensive onboarding process. If you are interested in being a part of the team, our open positions can be found below in the relevant sections, with a formula for all unsolicited applications following shortly after.

Marketing & Communication

The marketing and communication team is at the forefront of articulating our broad vision of the world, to the world. Driving awareness and interest to the values at the heart of One Block Down, we are looking to position ourselves as an ambassador of global subculture, driving awareness to the most prevalent art and style movements of the last century.


Our compact studio team is responsible for transforming our ephemeral brand values into compelling visual content. Made entirely in-house, we pride ourselves on a unique visual aesthetic that we want to continue filtering through tomorrow’s communities. With casting, styling, photography and retouching part of our production team’s rich vocabulary, a core success factor is its unrivaled adaptability to task and requirement.

Graphic Designer Apply here

Buying & Merchandising

We at One Block Down pride ourselves on an industry-leading selection of styles and brands, amplifying our appreciation for subculture through products rife with narrative. Balancing data, intuition, and a need to viscerally tell the stories that are so intrinsic to our DNA, individuals making up the team have a certain communicative prowess that we admire and push.


The digital and e-commerce team is focused on crafting scalable roll-out strategies that sit at the centre of our communication and buying strategies. By optimizing operational effectiveness, members of this team are at the forefront of creating a user-friendly infrastructure that supports individual talent and magnifies the operational excellence of One Block Down.


Our retail team is the physical manifestation of all of our ideals, values, and unique stories. Equipped to offer the most friendly and insightful shopping experience, our in-store teams — situated in both Rome and Milan — bridge the gap between our digital presence and most personable side. We are honored to have crafted a physical space that encapsulates the variety of cultures that constitute our brand image.


The One Block Down administration team is focused on attracting, developing and retaining tomorrow’s thought leaders, pushing for unparalleled personal fulfillment across departments. Next to this, our administration focuses on accounting, financial planning and corporate finance to accurately forecast the future of One Block Down and its international operations.