South2 West8 is a Japanese brand, part of the famous Nepenthes group. Under the direction of Kaname Nagaoka, the history of South2 West8 began in 2002 when it first opened as a store in Sapporo, on the island of Hokkaido, north of Japan, and subsequently, in 2003, they presented their first brand collection; the name derives from the district where the first boutique was located.

The brand's DNA is closely linked to "Tenkara" fishing, a Japanese technique born several centuries ago, and, more generally, to outdoor sports; for this reason the brand offers technical garments characterized by a precise study and refined details, to be worn in sporting excursions: such as the iconic parka with anti-insect net or the classic technical vests. In addition to these garments there also several pieces more suitable for everyday life in the city, such as shirts, trousers, t-shirts and jackets produced with the highest quality materials and vibrant colorful motifs.

In the intentions of the founder, the brand can go even further in technical clothing, designing even more innovative and particular garments, with an ever greater focus on promoting high quality sportswear related to fishing.


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