Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2

How a Japan-exclusive conquered the world.

Initially designed as an exclusive for the Japanese market in 2003, the Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 is one of the most successful running shoes of this century. After creating the first samples they estimated to produce around 40,000 pairs, but after revealing the sneakers to some fans and seeing how much they liked the shoe, they increased production to 80,000, at this moment, however, Nike realized that this design could be appreciated also outside of Japan, therefore the Portland company asked the designer Steven Smith, who had designed it specifically for the Japanese market, to modify it slightly to make it more attractive to a global audience.

The result was fantastic, the shoe became a success outside Japan, in Italy, Spain, England and South America, also conquering part the American public; today, in 2020, this shoe is released again, in the original model, in two exclusive colors. It is particular to see how this shoe in 2003 was used only for sports and more specifically for running, while today its design, that immediately brings to mind to the technical running shoes of the early 2000s, is appreciated by a much wider crowd and these sneakers transcended their role as a running shoe, becoming a cool sneaker for everyday life.