To celebrate the history of the iconic Pro Leather, Converse presents 3 limited edition models paying a tribute the decades that marked the birth and success of sneakers and street culture.

Released in 1976, the Converse Pro Leather quickly conquered the basketball public, becoming the favorite sneakers among the best NBA players of the time, such as Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Dr. J andconquering the heart of a young Michael Jordan, who wore them throughout college.

The'80s Pro Leather pays homage to a very important decade for Converse and the world of sneakers in general, sneakers came out of the basketball courts becoming the norm in everyday life and models, like the Pro Leather, became must-have among young people.

In the 90s, street culture widened and sneakers definitively established themselves as a cultural phenomenon, becoming one of the central elements of some of the most important subcultures of the decade, such as Hip-Hop, skateboarding and basketball , which definitively entered the streets around all the world. The'90s Pro Leather celebrates this period, with a version characterized by a retro look and details in the most iconic colors of those years.

In the 2000s, streetwear and sneakers became a global phenomenon, crossing borders and reaching different audiences, even outside the youth circle, the '00s Pro Leatherpays homage to these years with a bold color block and fabrics typical of early years 2000s streetwear.


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