Air Max 90 Clean Slate

Nike celebrates the 30th anniversary of the iconic Air Max 90 with the release of the Air Max 90 Clean Slate

This year, Nike has decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its iconic model with the Air Max 90 Clean Slate, a shoe that takes a step back from the 2008 revisitation and returns to a silhouette much more similar to the original.

For this model, the Triple Sail colourway was chosen, which manages to highlight every single detail. The sneakers also have pearlized lace dubraes on which "1990" and "2020" are respectively engraved and are sold in a special box that recalls the original shape of thirty years ago.

When the Air Max 90 took its form in the 1990s as a cultural anchor in the street art scene, Luca Barcellona was developing a style that would bring letters to the foreground of his art practice. Today, Barcellona has his own studio in Milan, where he works as a freelance graphic designer and calligrapher.

To celebrate the anniversary edition of the Air Max 90, One Block Down has commissioned an original artwork by Barcellona, which will be on display in the One Block Down store at the turn of 2020, thirty years after the pens and spray cans made Nike call upon a Clean Slate for one of its most iconic silhouettes.

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"The nineties, when it comes to hip hop, are identified by many as Golden Age.
But if I really think of that period, when graffiti bombing was dominated by big tags and throw ups made with silver spraycan, if I think of the color of the nails of my right hand, and how shone the sneakers that we had almost all on our feet, I should honestly call it SILVER AGE.”