To celebrate Vans' latest collaboration with Leica and skater Ray Barbee, One Block Down opened a special contest for its Italian and European communities. The contest's goal is to present the world of skateboarding with a focus on the concept of community and skating spots, highlighting the community aspect of this culture.  

We asked the participants to send a photograph in vertical format (1080x1350 px) by December 14th at 9 am CET to  

The winning picture will be exhibited for a week, from December 17th, inside the One Block Down space in Armando Diaz 2, and the winner will receive the Leica VOG Camera in collaboration with Vans as a gift.

For the complete regulation on the contest please visit the link below.

Contest Regulation

Selection of the best content submitted

Winner - @fabrizio_og

Giacomo Riccardi - IG: @giacomoriccardinelweb

Zoe Mariani, Sebastian Olivieri - IG: @zoe.mariani

Sergio Pontillo - IG: @ionocomply

Nanni Licitra - IG: @4th_nl

Simone Di Poto - IG: @simorollsequence

Pierpaolo Massafra - IG: @attinica

Sergio Sorbello - IG: @sergiosorbello

Thom Razzano - IG: @thomrazzano

Elisa Scotti - IG: @elysscott

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