Support Ukraine

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One Block Down stands against the brutal and barbaric invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Army at the hands of Vladimir Putin. We are against every sort of oppression by a dictatorship.

We stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and the Ukrainian Army, which, even if outnumbered and with fewer resources, is protecting their people and the sovereignty of the Ukrainian population in their country. We stand in support the Russian people who are protesting against this senseless attack.


What is helpful to do in this situation is to:


-Donate money to organizations that are helping refugees on the borders and that are supporting Ukranian efforts in the war

-Donate humanitarian supplies to help the work of volunteers all over the borders of Ukraine

-Look for ways to support Ukrainian refugees in your nation

-Spreading Awareness

-Getting informed by trustworthy sources and helping stop the spreading of fake news

-Get in touch with your local government to push for harder sanctions and the institution of a no-fly on Ukraine zone to stop the bombing of Ukrainian cities



National Bank of Ukraine Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

UA AID Center (Humanitarian Supplies)

Come Back Alive

Get Food to Ukrainian Refugees on Borders

Nova Ukraine

Red Cross Mission in Ukraine

Supplies for the Military

Humanitarian Help

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)


Doctors without Borders


Support Ukrainian Refugees:

Host Ukrainians and Help Locally


Get Informed:

Kyiv Indipendent (Website,Instagram)

Ukrayinska Pravda (Website)

Institute for the Study of War (Website)

Popular Front (Instagram)

Our Wars Today (Instagram)

Rose Warfare (Instagram)

Atlas News (Instagram)

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