Oakleys in Movies - Pop Culture’s King

Along its mission to engage the many great talents from its global network, One Block Down is proud to announce its latest partnership with magazine Sabukaru. Documenting the figures, movements and products that have shaped contemporary stylistic discourse, the collaboration looks to shine new light on some of culture’s most untold stories.

Performance-driven brand Oakley have been pioneers of eyewear ever since they were founded in 1975. Born in California, they are worn by A-list celebrities, ultimate athletes, and everyone in between.

As Y2K fashion heroes they are everywhere in pop culture from around the era including TV and film. Found in countless franchises, some fan favourite films include X-Men, Blade, and Mission Impossible.

Many films also utilise custom Oakleys, such as in Spider-Man and the modified Over The Tops. From the ultra-slick to the radical, the glasses push the boundaries of technical design. It’s no surprise models such as these are used for their aesthetics. Although usually unbranded, the glasses are too iconic to be misidentified as any other.

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